t o o l

the long neck scissors for trimming thyme,
spatula (english site) for the soil,
+ the brush for clean up.
a picture (right) i took long time ago in paris . . .

happy watering



hihei hatakeyama's music is very calm.
you can listen "white light" here.
electronic music from the 60' is fascinating.
i'm listening to this album,"recordings 1969-1988"

lali puna's "our inventions" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ◑◐
(can't keep calm now . . . ;)



transparent thread, 
persimmon  - dye thread ( the one with the yellow balls ), 
new sewing book 'bout bags,
are the color for raining days. 

☂photos quality's poor in bad weather.


we went to berlin 3 years ago,
and he bought me these notebooks which
i haven't use. because one is about wines notes,
but i think i'm gonna use it in the near future
when collecting some organic alcohol ;)
there are some shops in berlin i didn't get the 
chance to go - like this brushes shop.


necklace from sunken treasure.
love the delicate details ! !
so pretty in real :)



the blue and yellow thread.
haven't thought of how to use them,
but on the back of the blue spool,
there's a tuck in place for a roll of piece paper ( it's 
a french alphabet cross stitch guide) oh i like that ! 
like a secret.
right photo - " here and there 5 "


P L A N T t

saturday night ←
sunday morning →
they grow like high speed train +_+
gift from my cousin , really lovely.



ha ! monday i got a cutting board from 
fine little shop : my favorite :
already cut some home grow baby arugula
with kai knife on it and
keep wondering where's this mountain ? 
also got the book "sailor och pekka" 
last year i got the japanese version
this time in swedish still don't understand it
but i think it makes the story more suspicious ;)