can't believe it i finished this 
: 1st time to sew a pants and the collar :
of course many mistakes as usual
and not sure if the boy can wear it ?110 cm ?120 cm 
mm m m n . . .

: i should try to use an iron next time  HA HA : 


P L A N T s

my current roommate 山 蘇
: i don't know the english name :
sometime is a dish but i won't eat them
i like them 
they don't need that much of water or sun 
and above all i like the shape 
a almost too normal look

may i have this please ! chemex



i like his photograph and music


this piece of fabric became a cushion 
at last
also a gift . . .


N i E V E S

top - i was going to order some books from them
then i realized the one i want all sold out
so i ordered this tote bag

my friend said the tone of my writing sounds like a 22
but i'm much older than that
must be my limited english

down - another left-over fabric going to be a wallet
now off to lunch


kings of convenience ! welcome to the island !
i know it's way too early to say
but last night i got the ticket to see them 
can't wait april . . .


self-made wallet 
too dirty now
making a new one
so this one can be wash

P L A N T p




we went see a friend
outside of the city
had a good time 
with her son + dog


i want this !



waw slowly i've turn this blog into 
a cushion blog / ha ! unexpected
i made this yesterday
it's for the lady who complimented

the canvas for this cushion was 
used to be a curtain
and the pipes stamp ( middle right )  
i remembered the day i got the stamps
was soooo happy 
i stamped everywhere :))
and i'm regret that i didn't get the "tiger lines"



this morning my dog b wanted to go to the park
so we went
then he found an urban meditater (left photo)
b was sitting there for minutes just watching 
him with curiosity and respect
until another dog came and drew his 
attention away . . .
(: his scarf hand made by me
used left-over fabric :)



right = : floral :
left = : quoi? quoi? :
i tried to followed these sewing books while making the clothes
but the results were always different than the book
my conclusion -
1 not fully understood the japanese instruction
2 too lazy to use an iron 
3 the scissor is not sharp enough



i was listening to this 
the cover art reminded me of this
two days later i received some home bake 
macarons de saint - emilion from my cousin :)


2 0 1 0

sounds like future to me
but it's now *_*