c a c t u s

we went to a cactus garden last week.
there are many weird kinds with different color.
amazing !
i also bought some home ( the last pic ).
please click on the small photo to see them bigger.


c l u b

all the bear from here.
i like the blowing raspberries bear ( photo left ) very much.
the hands up bear ( photo right ) was hand sculpt by my friend.

also fall in love with danesi coffee,
and cousin's home bake grape pizza.


please explore the explorer's club
coffee train girl ( left ) or frozen vaults ( right )

still don't know ( left ) or
opus 43 ( right )


m e r c i

everyone grow so much
except the radish ( sigh )

merci spring

floral tape



a walk with my dog
but he didn't want to be in the photo that afternoon

book of aprons for men
master locksmith by august sander



last night,
their music was so touching.
and i enjoy watching them talking to each other while tune the guitar.
it was perfect.



bow tie brooch and cards
beautiful beautiful ! ! !
love the golden fabric
and i wish i could have lumi's skirt :-D

thanks audrey jeanne for the tip.


T A P E 3

time for another big photo
i like when we teared them down
the wall became abstract.

T A P E 2

turned into bouquet :)
or ball

T A P E 1

i was busy
with tapes
in the street
for my friend's petit concert's stage background.



playing with cups and plate 
(suppose to organize them . . .)
the new pink flower is a succulent called 福娘 
(means lucky woman;) 

horse ➝ hanna konola



arrival !
oh my ambition  ! ! 
photo (right) my cousin's mix berry home make jam
+ fresh mint from my garden (aka balcony ;-)


t o o l

the long neck scissors for trimming thyme,
spatula (english site) for the soil,
+ the brush for clean up.
a picture (right) i took long time ago in paris . . .

happy watering



hihei hatakeyama's music is very calm.
you can listen "white light" here.
electronic music from the 60' is fascinating.
i'm listening to this album,"recordings 1969-1988"

lali puna's "our inventions" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ◑◐
(can't keep calm now . . . ;)



transparent thread, 
persimmon  - dye thread ( the one with the yellow balls ), 
new sewing book 'bout bags,
are the color for raining days. 

☂photos quality's poor in bad weather.


we went to berlin 3 years ago,
and he bought me these notebooks which
i haven't use. because one is about wines notes,
but i think i'm gonna use it in the near future
when collecting some organic alcohol ;)
there are some shops in berlin i didn't get the 
chance to go - like this brushes shop.


necklace from sunken treasure.
love the delicate details ! !
so pretty in real :)



the blue and yellow thread.
haven't thought of how to use them,
but on the back of the blue spool,
there's a tuck in place for a roll of piece paper ( it's 
a french alphabet cross stitch guide) oh i like that ! 
like a secret.
right photo - " here and there 5 "


P L A N T t

saturday night ←
sunday morning →
they grow like high speed train +_+
gift from my cousin , really lovely.



ha ! monday i got a cutting board from 
fine little shop : my favorite :
already cut some home grow baby arugula
with kai knife on it and
keep wondering where's this mountain ? 
also got the book "sailor och pekka" 
last year i got the japanese version
this time in swedish still don't understand it
but i think it makes the story more suspicious ;)